DNX was founded in 2009 by Mr.Luo who have ever studied in France,the goal of DNX is to help global clients to sourcing customized products from China, DNX has over ten-year’s experience of helping global clients to source high-quality and low-cost products in China. After years of development, DNX not only has its own factory, but also established good cooperative relations with lots of manufacturers in China.

Manufacturing per customize design

Metal Part Fabrication

1. SheetMetal 

2. Stamping 

3. Sand Casting

4. Die Casting 

5. Low Pressure Casting

6. Investment Casting 

7. Centrifugal Casting   

8. Vacuum Die Casting   

9. Forging 

10. Powder Metallurgy 

11. Roll Forming  

12. Aluminum Extrusion   

13. CNC Machining  

13. 3D Printing  

14. Assembling,etc_.

Plastic Molding

1. Injection Molding 

2. Blow Molding 

3. Roto Molding 

4. Rubber Molding 

5. Silicone Molding 

6. Vacuum Forming

7. Plastic Extrusion 

8. Steam Foaming  

9. Supercritical Fluid Foaming,etc_.

DNX can also provide injection moulding machine per your requirement:

1.  Carbon-Fiber Products Intelligent Moulding Line

2.  Ceramic/Metal Powder Injection Moulding Machine

3.  Optics Injection Moulding Machine

4.  Large Volume Injection Moulding Machine

5.  HK Series High Speed Machine

6.  Naloy Tap Injection Moulding Machine

7.  Electircal Injection Moulding Machine,etc_.

Main manufacturing process as below:

In addition to manufacturing, DNX also provides surface treatment, such as zinc plating, chrome plating, nickel plating, silver plating, gold plating and so on.

Why cooperate with us?

1. Since 2010

2. Experienced engineers.