Plastic Part
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DNX can provide one-stop manufacturing for plastic parts:

1. Injection Molding 

2. Blow Molding 

3. Roto Molding 

4. Rubber Molding 

5. Silicone Molding 

6. Vacuum Forming

7. Plastic Extrusion 

8. Steam Foaming  

9. Supercritical Fluid Foaming 

10. etc_.



PE,PP,ABS,PA6/PA66,PPS,POM, PBT,PPO,PC,PC+ABS, UHMW-PE,TPU, PEEK, and fiber-reinforced plastic,etc_.

Our Working Process:

1.Select proper manufacturer for your product and issue PO.

2.Request production and inspection plan of the job from supplier.

3.Monitor raw material incoming.

4.Process quality control.

5.Final quality control and send quality report to customer.

6.Arrange shipment.